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ONE OK ROCKのTAKAがゲストボーカルとして参加しているGrown Kidsの“Bottle Rocket feat. Taka & Megan Joy”のミュージック・ビデオが公開された。

“Bottle Rocket feat. Taka & Megan Joy”は、ゴールドフィンガーのフロントマンで、ザ・ユーズドやパニック・アット・ザ・ディスコなどのプロデュースを手掛けるジョン・フェルドマンが楽曲提供・プロデュースしたもので、8月20日(水)に発売されるGrown KidsのデビューEP『First words』に収録される。公開されたミュージック・ビデオは7月に都内某所にて撮影された作品となっており、TAKAも出演している。



日本最大の音楽専門チャンネル スペースシャワーTVが自信を持ってお届けするジャパニーズ・ロックプログラム「モンスターロック」!

8月5日、12日は若者に絶大な人気を誇るロックバンドONE OK ROCKがゲストに登場し、「ありがとうONE OK ROCK 嬉しい!楽しい!真夏のBBQ!」をオンエア!

日頃お世話になっているONE OK ROCKに、番組が高級食材を用意してBBQを企画!全員でBBQを楽しむためにONE OK ROCKが体を張ってハチャメチャな企画やクイズに挑戦する!

ダイスケはん、ナヲ(マキシマム ザ ホルモン)の無茶振りを潜り抜け、ONE OK ROCKメンバーは無事BBQを楽しむことができるのか!?


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リピート放送: 毎週水曜日23:00~、毎週日曜日25:30~


Interview with ONE OK ROCK @ VANS WARPED TOUR (Toronto, ON)

This year, Visual Kei Heaven was able to attend this year’s VANS WARPED TOUR for their 20th Anniversary! Along with having the opportunity to review ONE OK ROCK's concert we also got the chance to interview the band. Taka and Ryota shared with us how their travels were going since they had been touring through North American a lot, recently. Read below to see what the two have to say!

VKH: Hello, welcome back to Canada! Your February concert was amazing, I loved it. I’m glad to see you back.

Taka: Oh, thank you!

VKH: It seems like ONE OK ROCK has been in North America for most of the year. Have you noticed a progression in the way you perform in North America, from the first concert you held to your performance today?

Taka: No, not really. In February, it was just one man shows, so they have a longer set list. Today is really short. It’s really different, but I’m going to try my best!

VKH: What do you like most about performing in North America?

Taka: Oooh I don’t know. Everything. (laughs) Every place is good.

Ryota: Yeah, we’re always having fun on this tour. It’s great!

VKH: What made you decide to do VANS WARPED TOUR?

Ryota: We love America, and we love Japan…

Taka: And we love Canada, too!

Ryota: Yeah we love Canada. This tour… (Gives up and hands it off to Taka to finish, English is a bit more difficult for Ryota but he is good natured about it.)

Taka: Yeah, WARPED TOUR is my favourite tour, actually. I’m really, really happy to be here. It’s like a dream come true.  I’m really excited.

VKH: This show is a bit different.  You perform next to other artists and it’s a large event.  How does it feel performing in this type of setting?

Taka: Oh, this is totally different, but the one-man show isn’t different… I cant explain it, it’s hard. (laughs)

Ryota: English is very hard.

Taka: Um, I don’t know.  It’s almost the same but…. Hmm, I don’t know. (laughs)

VKH: You incorporate both Japanese and English throughout your songs. How do you think this has contributed to your popularity in Japan as well as here in North America?

Taka: I don’t know. (everyone laughs) I hope so, but my favourite type of music is American and Canadian music. Of course, whenever I was listening to American, Canadian and UK music, there’s no Japanese, so it’s more “natural.” But I can speak English!  (Laughs)  At least, I try to.

VKH: When ONE OK ROCK first performed,  did you expect you would become so popular?  Not just in Japan, but globally as well.

Taka: My dreams are bigger than myself. Sometimes I wish we were bigger. Right now we’re really big in Japan, which is cool, but I still dream to become bigger in the U.S. and Canada, too.

VKH: Which has been your favorite show so far and why?

Ryota: My favourite show has been this tour. Us being here in Canada.

VKH: Was there anything you found surprising when playing in North America?  If so, what was it?

Taka: I have no idea. A lot of people have been waiting for us over here.  It’s our first time over here. I’m really happy and surprised.

VKH: I can imagine touring and being on the road between shows can be tiring,  What do you do to occupy yourself while on the road?

Taka: Actually it’s not really that tiring.  We sleep a lot ( laughs). We drink a lot of water and get a little bit drunk.

Ryota: Every day there’s a BBQ and drinking.

VKH: Next year will be ONE OK ROCK's 10th anniversary! Are you planning anything special for this occasion?

Taka: I want to go to other countries like Brazil, Italy, or Sweden.

Ryota: Many places…

Taka: Yeah, there are many places I want to visit.

Ryota: Same.

Taka: I want to travel around the world

VKH: Would you please leave a message for your fans?

Taka: We are really happy to be here. We are definitely going to come back to Canada, so please wait for us! Thank you so much. I love you guys, we love Canada.

Ryota: Yes, I love Canada. I love Molson, the beer.

Taka: Yeah the beer here is really good!

(*Note: Ryota doesn’t normally drink beer or like it, but he really likes Molson.)

Ryota: Molson. I want to drink Molson. (Everyone was laughing. Ryota was very intense about liking Molson)

Taka: Also, my favourite musicians are always Canadian artists, like Nickleback

Taka, Ryota: Avril Lavigne.

Taka: Avril is my favourite.

VKH: Well, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! It was so nice to finally talk to you.

Ryota: Thank YOU!

Taka: Thank you!