ONE OK ROCK - BEST ROCK VIDEO.. accepting their award.. As always they are bullying Tomoya again xDD

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Interview of Taka’s father about OOR on a TV show

I = Interviewer, M = Mori-san (Taka’s father)

I: [Both of you are] Really handsome and looks alike?
M: How to say… Our way of thinking is probably similar.

A small episode happened when Mori-san went to OOR’s live after receiving tickets from Taka.
M: [When singing Nobody’s Home] When the song ended, Taka made a deep bow towards my direction, but I was thinking like ‘it should be some kind of small mistakes’. However, my friend beside me said ‘He was bowing towards Mori-san’. Then I replied, “No, I think it wasn’t”. Though I did not believe in so, I called Taka after the live was over and asked, ‘Do you know where I was sitting at?’ Taka answered, ‘I did the reservation for [dad’s] seats, so I knew!’

Mori-san had a tumor in his lungs 2~3 years ago and had a surgery to move it. (He was also once hospitalized due to Hepatitis C) Another small episode happened back in that time too.
M: All of my 3 sons messaged me before I was hospitalized to encourage me. Right before my surgery, Taka went to the doctor and said ‘Please save my father!’
Mori-san’s tumor was proven not to be cancerous after the surgery, yet some parts of the lungs were removed. He is now recovering healthy.

I: Is there any feelings of a rivalry between Mori-san and Taka?
M: Absolutely not.
I: I see (smile)
M: It’s true. Probably our genre is not that similar, so I am supporting him wholeheartedly.

When discussing about Taka, it was not hard to notice that Mori-san was always smiling because he was so proud of his son.
The interviewer for the above was Masayasu Ishihara. Apparently, he researched on OOR for a bit before interviewing Mori-san and even told Mori-san that, “I think I had became some sort of fan of OOR!”.
Mori-san seemed to be very delighted and smiling happily after hearing the comment.
Translation by Margaret ♥
Source: Sina

[Translation] FLYING POSTMAN Special Interview: ONE OK ROCK


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This is ONE OK ROCK, whose popularity has been rapidly rising recently, even among the foreign people. Started from autumn last year in Paris and took a whole month, they went for their first European and Asian tour, which was held in 11 countries and 12 venues. Following these guys’ steps, their first Documentary Film [FOOL COOL ROCK! ONE OK ROCK DOCUMENTARY FILM] is currently playing in theaters. From the eyes of Nakano Hiroyuki, the person who produced Japanese and foreign artists’ music video and a feature film titled [SF Samurai – Fiction], and the person who happened to be the director of the mentioned documentary film, what kind of band is ONE OK ROCK?

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